1.Inca Zone

This zone represents the culture and Inca Empire’s being. Within this zone, teddy bears are imitate Inca tribe’s cloth. There are many place for take a picture to and take a shoot fully before going to Zone 2 pass the lava cave that simulate the atmosphere like lava crackling out of the cave.

2.Dinosaurs Zone

There are many sculptures of large dinosaurs, the primitive animals which used to dominate the ecosystems on this planet for 165 million years ago before extinct 65 million years ago.

3.Fossil Zone

This zone is simulating the finding of a dinosaur. Spacious place is decorated with many Teddy Bear which are digging for dinosaur skeletal and also have a sand floor for museum visitors to enjoy digging for dinosaur together.

4.Africa Zone

This is the simulation zone with atmosphere of Africa. There are many animal dolls with a Range Rover car for the visitor to take a picture.

5.Under the sea Zone

Under the sea zone will bring the scenes of the sea and the fantasy world of the underwater city with lovely colorful fish.

6.Winter Zone

(Igloo) mock-up Ignatius ice dome of Eskimo housing in North Pole. Inside the cave, there are replicas of Ignatius Lu world the artist Leonardo da Vinci. The picture called ‘  The last supper’  we bring a new style of drawing up Teddy bear. The next issue to the whole city, with Santa. With both large and small  among each other.

7.Space super hero zone

This is the simulation zone with atmosphere of space. There are many Teddy bear with fantasy clothing, as Star Wars, Batman, Superman, and more soldiers.

8.Dream zone

This zone has the space.  almost space of inside the museum. A zone created by korean designer. Scene in the book of fairy tales for children such as the tree house and a slider.Teddy, little red riding hood, etc., is an ideal location for seating. Let our little family run. There is  also have a cute photo of the couple

9.China Zone

The zone is displayed in the form of China. Decorated with stuffed teddy bear dressed in Chinese costumes demonstrated the uniqueness of China. And a cute chubby panda shaped sleeping giant waiting to take pictures with visitors.

10. Europe zone

The atmosphere in this area took to Europe, such as grassland, lamb and Castle Teddy Bear which are British soldiers Teddy Bear. In addition, there is a gazebo in the shape of a heart for lovers

11.Funny Zone

This is a one of naughty zone  the most colorful one at all. It has flashy, bright colors and have a lot of photo to share frames. That figure came out, of course, spectacular

12.Art zone

This is a zone that includes naughty scenes in the Museum. Known as one of the colorfulness that will be the best photo.

13.Outside zone

In front of the Teddy Bear Museum. When you take pictures you can see the sea in front of . if someone comes in evening you can take aphoto with a sun set view too.