The difference between Teddy Bear Museum Pattaya and other Teddy Bear Museum

There is Teddy Bear Museum around the world for all countries. Inside the Museum will show the doll in a glass Showcase. People can see and take a picture from the outside of glass Showcase which is different to Teddy Bear Museum Pattaya. Here is no glass between dolls and visitors. Everyone can hug touch the cute.

``Teddy Bear Museum``

Teddy Bear Museum was officially opened on October 5, 2556, It was origin from the Executive of Teddy Bear Island LTD, Mr. Kim Hyun Chol had the opportunity to visit Thailand many times over 10 years so he love Thailand, impress in a smile and feel the warmth from friendly welcome. Thailand has many beautiful attractions. The most Thai people like to take a picture in the place they travel and keep an impression. Executives loved to take a picture too. He always carry a camera with him when he go outside the house. This simple reason make he get the idea to create an attraction for everyone to take a picture. It became the origin of Teddy Bear Museum under the concept of “travel treasure hunting with Teddy Bear” So, the museum has been designed as a dragon boat as large as 40 meters with a Koreans designer who build this Museum. There is also the first and only museum Southeast Asia which was located on an area over 2,500 square meters and was divided into 12 zones as follows.
1. Inca Zone 2. Dinosaur Zone 3. Fossil Zone 4. Africa Zone 5. Thailand Zone
6. Under the sea Zone 7 Eskimo Zone 8. Santa town Zone 9. Space Zone
10. Fairytale Zone 11 China Zone 12 Europe Zone

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CEO Teddy Bear Museum Pattaya

ceo teddy

Where He Come From: Jeju,South Korea
AGE: 35 Year
Museum Grand Opening: 5th October 2013

The beginning of the Teddy Bear Museum

For over 10 years, I had the opportunity to travel to Thailand several times so I like many thing in Thailand and Thai people is friendly, kind and generous so I want to live in Thailand. If I can live in Thailand, I wanted to do something that can bring happiness to Thai people to return Thailand and Thai people so I have been thinking and build the Teddy Bear Museum. I think Thai people and foreigners who travel to Pattaya will like the Teddy Bear Museum. Although Pattaya is a tourist attraction but it not has this Teddy Bear exhibition like this. The contrast is Teddy Bear Museums can be seen in Korea.

Dose inside the Teddy Bear Museum is changing?

There is adding new dolls continually for provide customers can see a variety of dolls and always clean the dolls regularly, update and change the new paintings with colorful and beautiful and add many parts such as scenes for take a picture, bear statues etc We using every inch of space within the Museum for the most useful and effective.

Who made the doll in the museum?

90% of the dolls in the museum are the work of Korean team from Korean who is a specialize in design and making dolls because the dolls for decorate need to have a character that corresponds to various zone and 10% of the dolls are dolls at a factory in Thailand and gift dolls that match with the concept of each zone.

Doll is handmade or not?

90% of all hand-made dolls can be seen that it is the same doll, but each face is not quite the same. This is the unique charm of a handmade doll that is different from other dolls.

The Teddy Bear Museum

They want to make the Teddy Bear Museum is known for all people while maintain the quality of the museum and the great service along with the Teddy Bear Museum forever. Inside the Museum needs to add more realistic effect system.

Any plans to do other business

Under the other concept of Teddy Bear such as the Teddy Bear cafe (coffee shop in Teddy Bear style), Teddy noodles, Teddy Hotel (Teddy Bear hotel) etc. that can bring happiness to people who see. We have a plan to develop Teddy Bear Museum to be better and meanwhile, we are interest to invest in other business both in and outside the country.